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Resale Value
According to real estate agents , “A bathroom renovation will give you a 150 per cent return on your investment.” They firmly believes choosing expensive finishes such as natural stone, marble, granite and quartz will pay off when it comes time to sell. 

Reputable Contractor
If your handyman says they can “do it all,” watch out; electrical, plumbing and structural fixes require a licensed professional. A sure sign that contractors can be trusted is if they tell you they’re not the best person to do a particular job and recommend someone else instead.

Future Design


For those who are thinking


of putting their home up for sale 


five years from now, then it’s


important to know that the value


of your property will increase,


considering you had your home


renovated by a professional. On


the other hand, if you’re planning


to live in your home for more


years, it’s very important to


ensure that the design of your


bathroom is something you would


really love and fit with your style


and preferences.

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